Shine a light on what matters most to revenue growth and align all levels of management with your business goals.

Where to Focus

Running any business these days can pull you in different directions. Yet, you know the key to operational success is being able to focus on what matters most.

There are many ways to identify where your brand should focus, but once you identify where to focus …


… how do you track and measure your brand’s performance? After all, you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Important Themes

Your Spotlight Report allows you to measure performance by shining a light on the operational themes mentioned in customer reviews that are aligned with your strategic goals.


To help you focus, our trend indicator will statistically determine how you are doing at achieving your strategic goals. Select a trending theme to see the cause of praise or complaints.


Dig In

Now you can see how your locations are performing, at a glance! See who needs help … and who is an example to follow.


Use the filters to focus on groups with trends so you can drill down to find the locations that are causing praise or complaints.  Select a location of interest and view the location’s report.


Take Action

From the location’s report, look at the reviews to understand customer feedback about important themes.

Reviews in your Spotlight Report are simplified to show what themes are mentioned and how they are mentioned.


Easily share your findings by instantly emailing the single location Spotlight Report to give praise or correct issues.


Your Spotlight Report makes it easy to understand vast amounts of customer feedback so you can focus on actions that will get more new & repeat customers, and increase revenue!

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