Google recently announced a restructuring to the way businesses can access and present their information online. They have eliminated Google+ as a business listing page, transforming it into a forum for individuals and businesses alike to share and discuss topics.

Classic Google+

Classic Google+

New Google+

New Google+

The Change

The new Google+ treats all pages the same, whether they are personal pages or company pages. Important business listing information like business categories, hours of operation, ratings, and reviews are no longer visible on the new Google+.

This roll-out has prompted many business owners to incorrectly believe that the information they entered on their Google+ page in the past would somehow be gone or become irrelevant.

What You Need to Know

The information provided about your business, including photos, ratings, and reviews is still very important since it is presented in Google Search and Google Maps, which are the most important ways customers find businesses on desktop and mobile devices.

Thus, it is still every bit as important for businesses to claim, control, and enhance their Google listings to ensure customers find them and like what they see.

Google Search/Maps

Google Search and Google Maps

What You Need to Do

If you are interested in seeing how your Google listing currently appears to customers, you can search within Google Maps for your business name, city, and state.

Luckily, Merchant Centric users’ ability to manage their Google listing is not affected by the change to Google+. For others, Google My Business is where their listings can be edited.

Merchant Centric allows you to monitor and update your listing information, in one place, for not only Google, but other top sites like Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare. Ensure customers can find your business on top sites and your business gets chosen.

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