Time and again, business owners come to us with the question, “How can I show up higher in a Google search result?” There are several factors that play into this, but one of the simplest ways, we tell them, is by getting more Google reviews from happy customers.

Some merchants take on this challenge, and immediately after speaking with us, will go out and get one or two five-star Google reviews from some of their patrons; boosting their online rating average, and ideally, helping them show up higher in search results.

Unfortunately, while a few reviews may help your business get found in search results, they won’t necessarily help you get chosen. In fact, your star-rating won’t even appear in a Google search result unless you have five Google reviews.

Which Business Would You Choose?


Did you choose Eddy’s Auto with a hidden 5-star rating?
(probably not)

Eddy’s Auto (in the example above) has a perfect star-rating on its Google+ page that is not displayed due to having less than five reviews.

Customers are likely to stray from businesses like Eddy’s due to an area of consumer behavior known as “heuristics.” This idea refers to rules of thumb which customers use when trying to simplify a decision on which brand or business to choose. For instance, customers will often pick a name brand simply because it is known to them, even if the generic brand is identical in every other way. Stumped on which brand of coffee to try? How about the one with prettier packaging?

Customers have trouble making decisions and they will latch on to any business that can help simplify their choices. So while Eddy’s Auto technically has a better average than Mike’s Auto, it doesn’t matter because a customer can’t see it and he will default to what appears to be the best choice on the surface.

More than that, the star-rating is an indication that others have chosen this business in the past and have given it their stamp of approval.

70% of people trust the opinions of other consumer reviews when making a decision to purchase ~ Nielsen 

So now that we’ve discussed the need for five Google reviews and the reason why your Google rating is so important in a customer’s decision making process, it’s time for you to make sure your Google reviews are appearing as they should.

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