Joshua Johnson runs Cocoa Couture, a full-service bridal and formal wear boutique located in Hershey, PA. Upon opening his doors in 2007, one of Joshua’s primary goals was to stand apart from his competitors by giving his clients a distinctive relationship, unable to be found anywhere else.  This drive to be unique helped Joshua build a successful business; but he knew he could be even better by improving his online reputation, and in turn, foster even more relationships via the Internet. To do this, Joshua enlisted the aid of Merchant Centric to help him earn new customers, learn more from past customers, and discover unique insights into the online marketing strategies of his competitors.

When examining the facts presented by Merchant Centric, showing his target audience’s Internet habits, there was no denying the value of having a great online reputation to ensure his business gets found and chosen.

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Joshua wanted to distinguish Cocoa Couture’s online reputation from that of his competitors, but felt overwhelmed with all of the nuances involved. Most of the marketing companies he found online offered one area of what he needed, but did not have an easy, all-inclusive solution for his needs, including:

  • A tool that keeps business information up to date on the most important sites.
  • Software that monitors the success and failure of competitors’ online promotions.
  • An easy way to read and reply to customer reviews across all top sites, in one place.
  • Access to one-on-one support from a team of online marketing consultants.


Joshua consolidated his efforts using Merchant Centric. He now controls his online reputation, studies business intelligence, replies to reviews and uses added features like Promotions and Alerts to systematically address his online marketing strategies.

“Before using Merchant Centric I felt like I was drowning and having to fight everyday. Now I feel like I am in control.”

Merchant Centric’s Visibility saves Joshua time managing his listings by allowing him to do everything from one place, improving local SEO and getting Cocoa Couture found online more.

Merchant Centric Reviews allows Joshua to quickly read and reply to all of his reviews across top sites, in one place, leveraging the expansive Merchant Centric Reply Library.


Joshua has seen measurable results using the solutions provided by Merchant Centric. Cocoa Couture has also improved internally, using review alerts to effectively address staff issues and boost team morale.

“I have absolutely seen results from using Merchant Centric, measured by new customers finding me online and coming in. My sales are up 33.7% this year.”

  • Sales increased by 33.7%
  • There’s been a 75% reduction in the time spent managing the business’s online reputation and online marketing in general.
  • Business intelligence provided by Merchant Centric allows calculated sales strategies, earning new customers while saving money.
    • If a competitor offers 10% off, there’s no need to offer 20% off. 12% is all it takes to attract a customer and win the sale.

Learn how Merchant Centric can help you take control of your online reputation. You can request a live demo to see the status of your business across top sites compared to the competition or you can get started now with a free 30-day trial.

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