Russo’s Italian Restaurant began operating in New York as a family owned and operated restaurant in 1978. Priding itself on being a fine-dining establishment, updated with a modern sensibility, Russo’s has grown to over 30 locations nationally and internationally, placing roots in exotic areas such as Hawaii and Dubai. While the restaurant continues to be family owned, and serves recipes that have been passed down for generations, it understands the need for continued growth and improvement for an international audience. As the business continues its efforts to expand and attract new customers, proper business listing management efforts become a key component to success.

Did you know: “20% of all business phone numbers, 16% of all addresses and 12% of all business names listed on Google are incorrect.” ~


Russo’s, being an international franchise, understands the link between accurate business listings and attracting customers in today’s digital age. However, the restaurant was not being found on Google, had no company time to devote toward fixing Google+, and was struggling to create a cohesive brand message across its multiple online business listings.

  • Wrong business name
  • Wrong address
  • No phone number
  • No operating hours
  • No branding
  • No cover image


Russo’s recruited Merchant Centric to optimize its business listings management efforts on the most important business listing sites. While many sites were claimed, controlled and optimized, Russo’s was mostly interested in seeing its results from Google+.


After consolidating its business listing management efforts through Merchant Centric, Russo’s saw a dramatic increase in new business opportunities with the results being clear and measurable.

  • Correct business name
  • Correct address
  • Correct phone number
  • Correct operating hours
  • Beautiful branding
  • Compelling slideshow cover image

Measurable Results

Russo’s enhanced its listing shown above using Merchant Centric and had extraordinary results within the first 90 days:

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