The opinions of others often determine the success of your business. Online reviews are a crucial outlet for consumer opinions, which also influence buying decisions.

Google knows this and is helping businesses with its new tool, Small Thanks. The tool turns positive reviews into graphic design posters. Business owners can display the posters in-store, on social media, or anywhere else they see fit.

“At Google, we see the power of the web working for American businesses every day,” said Soo Young Kim, Google’s Head of Small Business Marketing. “Today, we want to help remind your customers and future patrons that a small thanks can go a long way.”

Who it’s For

This is great for any business owner who is not skilled in design, but wants to create professional advertisements. And, it’s 100% free!

With Small Thanks, you can select a quote from some 5-star Google reviews posted for your business. Then, select a poster design for the quote which you can download and print. You can also instantly share the poster on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

How it Works

You can get started by heading over to Type your business name in the search bar to find your business.


Google immediately offers three designs, with three different quotes from positive reviews. You can select one of these poster options, or, customize your own poster.

The “customize your own” option offers a bit more flexibility with template and color selection. You can select an alternate template and choose up to three review quotes for a single poster design. Or, you can use the default template and choose one stand out quote.



Once you select a poster with your favorite customer reviews, you can download the poster for printing, and/or share online.


Google provides the poster file and a tip sheet with ideas for how you can use the new posters. Whether online or in person, anywhere you can share these posters will do wonders for your business.

How to Use it


Displaying a window cling shows consumers why they should choose your business before they even step foot inside.

Placing a table tent in front of your cash register reminds your customers to review your business before they leave.

Whatever the case, customers who see positive reviews are often more likely to leave positive reviews themselves. They are reminded that you care about their feedback and know their voice will be heard. In turn, this leads to additional revenue from customers who choose your business, based on reviews.

Small Thanks is a great free way to get started in bettering your reputation in-store and online.

Of course, in order to utilize this feature, you will need an optimized Google listing with 5-star reviews. To learn how to get started, contact Merchant Centric.