Customers from all over will now find it easier to discover your business on mobile thanks to Pinterest’s Place Pins. While general travel destinations were made available on Pinterest two years ago, the feature has been updated to include specific business location data, including reviews, linking to Google Maps and Apple Maps. Users who pin a place to which they’d like to visit will begin receiving information on other related places they may want to visit, such as restaurants or other attractions.

The over 100 million users who utilize Place Pins are now offered insight into business listing resources, such as reviews, store hours, contact information, and directions to the business. As we mentioned in a previous post, Pinterest users have an online buying power index of 211, which means that they spend more than 2x as much online as the average U.S. internet user (*ComScore).

Pinterest Comscore Online Buying Power Index

The reasons are piling up as to why it’s vital for business professionals to utilize and optimize business listing sites such as Google+, Yelp, and Foursquare (the source of Pinterest’s location data).

Businesses that do not have a presence on these sites, will not be featured prominently on Pinterest. Moreover, even if a business is listed, it will not be highly desirable if it’s missing important information and lacking reviews or other enticing information.

As location data becomes more ingrained into Pinterest’s API, the potential for location based alerts is highly probable. For instance, if someone pins a burger they would like to try or an outfit they saw and want to wear, the Pinterest app could potentially alert someone to walk into a local diner or retail store as he or she walks by.

In essence, Pinterest allows consumers to discover options for what they want to buy, and with the integration of location data, they will be able to find products, places, and services in an easier way than ever before.

Make sure you aren’t missing out on the people who are looking to buy your products or services by claiming, controlling, and optimizing your business listings on the top sites.

If you don’t have time to do this work on your own, or if you have any questions about the process, Merchant Centric offers solutions that make it easy.

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