The holiday season is underway and businesses across the country are preparing to meet the heavy demand. Communicating special holiday hours is an important part of that preparation.

The problem is 85% of businesses listed online are missing important information,* and it’s vital for you to learn how to add holiday hours to your Google listing in order to avoid being part of this statistic and increase revenue this holiday season.

Google offers two ways for businesses to update their special hours for the holidays. One way to set special hours is by uploading a formatted spreadsheet. The second way, which most business owners and marketing managers prefer, is through online settings.

6 Steps to Set Special Hours Online

1. In your Google My Business account, click the menu button on the top left-hand corner of your screen and select “All Locations.”

step 1

2. Then, choose “List View” before selecting the location for which you want to set special hours.

step 2

3. On the “Location details” page, scroll down and select “Special hours”

step 3

4. Choose the date when special hours are in effect and enter the opening and closing times for that day. Click the box next to “Closed” to indicate that the location is closed all day. If you are open 24 hours, enter 12:00am–12:00am.

step 4

5. Click “Add Another” to add more special hours for the location.

If your business is open in the morning, closes for lunch, and reopens in the afternoon, enter two rows for the same day. Or, if you are open past midnight, add one row that runs until the end of the first day, and one that begins at midnight of the second day.

6. When you’ve finished, click “Apply” or “Apply to all locations.” Your special hours will appear to customers on Google only for the designated days.

What About My Other Listings?

The special hours feature is only available through Google My Business. Luckily, Merchant Centric can help you update holiday hours for all your listings on top sites, all in one place. Don’t lose valuable hours trying to fix and enhance listings on your own. Let us save you time and put you in control of your listings so you can increase revenue.

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