Businesses with enhanced Google listings get shown more often in search results, which means more customers for those businesses.

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Unclaimed Google Listing

  • Wrong business name
  • Wrong address
  • No phone number
  • No operating hours
  • No branding
  • No cover image

Claimed and Enhanced Google Listing

  • Correct business name
  • Correct address
  • Correct phone number
  • Correct operating hours
  • Beautiful branding
  • Compelling slideshow cover image

Russo’s enhanced its listing shown above using Merchant Centric and had extraordinary results within the first 90 days:

The slideshow cover image, combined with complete business information, not only motivates your customers to take action, but also helps them find you.

Merchants who have control of their Google listings have the ability to create slideshows on their own.

6 Easy Steps to Create a Google Slideshow

It’s simple to create the slideshow using a GIF, which is an animated image file that contains multiple images.

You can make your GIF, 100% free, with GIFMaker:

1.   Size your images to 960×540 pixels (use 5-10 photos relevant to your business)

2.   Go to

3.   Click “Upload Images” and order them how you want

4.   Set animation speed to 3000–5000 milliseconds (3-5 sec)

5.   Click “Create GIF Animation” and “Download this GIF”

6.   Upload the GIF to your Google business page (hover over cover image and click “change cover”)

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