As the world’s most popular travel site, TripAdvisor reported 2.5 billion unique visitors in 2014 (approximately 315 million per month), with more than 200 million reviews and user opinions total (*TripAdvisor).

When the site went live in 2000, only hotels and other accommodation businesses could create a TripAdvisor listing, but today it has expanded to include 1.7 million restaurants and 400,000 other attractions spread across more than 34 countries globally. (*Social Media Today)

Further highlighting the popularity of the travel site is a 2013 TripAdvisor study. Of the 12,225 consumers interviewed nationally and internationally:

  • 80% read 6-12 reviews before booking a hotel.
  • 73% of travelers use photos from other travelers to help them make decisions.
  • 50% usually or always reference reviews before choosing a restaurant.
  • 44% usually or always reference reviews before choosing an attraction.

In short, if you own any business that caters to entertainment or travel, and you haven’t taken the time to create a TripAdvisor listing, you are likely missing out on new customers.

The number of consumers who do pass you up will likely increase if and when Apple Maps defaults to TripAdvisor ratings on its applicable business listings; something currently being tested with hotel reviews (*MacRumors).

Even though Apple Maps currently takes a backseat to Google Maps in terms of sheer popularity, it is still the default application for all iPhone users representing 52.3 percent of mobile web traffic) and should not be overlooked by business owners who are trying to increase their online visibility and get more customers.

When we consider all of the benefits above, coupled with the fact that it is free for eligible business owners to create a TripAdvisor listing, the decision to get the ball rolling becomes a given. Of course there are other components, such as getting reviews from happy customers who have tried your service before, but this really isn’t too challenging once a listing for your business exists. Should you need help creating your listing and managing those reviews, Merchant Centric can help.

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