“74% of adult smartphone owners ages 18 and older say they use their phone to get directions or other information based on their current location.” ~ Pew Research Study

Google has the number one consumer app for maps so it’s critical your business is correctly identified on Google Maps. Recently, Google added the ability to add new or missing businesses directly from the iPhone app. Business Insider said “this is a huge boon for small-business owners who may not be so tech savvy, since there’s now an easier way to get your business found in Google.”

What if your business is already on Google Maps, but not displaying properly? Sometimes, the marker on Google Maps can identify your business in the wrong location, even if the address is correct. If your business is experiencing this issue, you can take these 5 simple steps to ensure your business gets found.

Step 1: Go to google.com/maps, search for your location’s address, and select your business listing.

Step 2: If the marker for your location is in the wrong place, scroll down on your location’s details and select Suggest an edit.

Step 3: Drag the red marker to its correct location on the map.

Step 4: Update the address if it’s incorrect, and make sure to check the box for: Marker is incorrectly placed on map.

Step 5: Confirm your changes with the blue Submit button.

Google randomly reviews submissions to either accept or reject changes, so make sure to keep monitoring your marker’s placement for updates.

If you need assistance, you can contact Merchant Centric for help. In addition to phone support, tools like the Master Listing make your life easier. You can manage all your business listings, in one place, for top sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook. This ensures that customers not only find your business, but choose it.

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